Ausdal Insurance Services incorporates a “best-of-breed” selection of insurance organizations that specialize in serving the independent financial professional. Our Insurance Services partners have demonstrated exemplary customer service, decades of experience, extensive professional knowledge and a proven ability to help you build your insurance practice.


While we recognize that AFP representatives are under no obligation to use our partners, we are confident that given the opportunity, they will prove themselves very valuable. Certainly our partners offer a wide selection of top products and carriers, and you can count on top compensation along with Ausdal production credit. But we believe that is the very least you should expect. The Ausdal Insurance Services partners will also make your life easier, help you build your business and ultimately place more cases with more satisfied clients. That is what makes them special.

AFP Guide to Insurance Services



Term & Permanent Life

Universal Life & VUL

Immediate Annuities

Fixed Annuities

Equity Indexed Annuities

Long Term Care

Disability Insurance



Fixed Annuities:



Founded in 1987, InSource Inc. is a family-owned firm located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Their Mission is simple: To provide superior product, service and sales support to financial advisors who seek a quality relationship based on trust, integrity, and a sincere interest in mutual success.


Insource is in the business of marketing annuity products through representatives who value professional assistance. The InSource

staff provides the full-service assistance normally associated with being a brokerage general agency. By specializing in fixed, immediate, and equity indexed annuities—they are able to deliver a wide range of product solutions and top payouts for your annuity business.


The InSource selling proposition is straightforward and time proven. They offer direct field sales support through veteran wholesalers not obligated to any particular insurance carrier. Sales are accomplished on an independent basis without regard to sales quotas, but rather what makes sense for the policyholder as well as their advisor.



Life Insurance:
M.V.P. Financial


MVP believes that producers who align themselves with partners offering the greatest value will gain the business of today’s well informed public.

MVP Financial ‘s team prides themselves in helping you build your business and place cases easier, faster and more profitably. Their support and extensive experience with advanced cases and challenging underwriting will allow you to place more business and spend more time with your prospects and clients.


MVP’s trademarks are hands-on care and management of cases, advanced design capabilities, and expertise in placing difficult and impaired risk cases.  They also boast an on-staff “tough-case coordinator” to help guide you through challenging cases. If you aren’t an experienced insurance producer, don’t fret. Members of the MVP team will work with you

personally to identify sales opportunities and present a broad range of products to address your client’s needs.


Advisors who work with MVP find themselves rewarded with increased insurance production, top payouts, and AFP production credit.

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Downers Grove, IL 60515