Thank you for taking time to visit I hope that as you learn more about Ausdal Financial Partners you begin to acquire a sense of the excitement and enthusiasm that all of us are feeling about what we have accomplished and the direction the firm is heading.

Since 1979, we have prided ourselves in being accessible, responsive and genuinely interested in the well-being of our representatives and investors. Perhaps it comes from our origin as a “family” firm. Maybe it’s our small town background. But at Ausdal we have always felt a great sense of connection and responsibility to our representatives, clients and community. At AFP you will work with honest, hard- working folks who understand the value of personal relationships and strive to make every interaction as efficient, straightforward and dare I say it, enjoyable as possible. Our representatives are known by name, not number. They are our partners.

Good intentions notwithstanding, capabilities still matter too. At Ausdal Financial Partners we have complimented our unpretentious culture with some pretty heady capabilities. With clearing services from Pershing, our Praxis practice management suite and other resources, we are able to offer state-of-the-art technology. In terms of products and services, our flexibility and breadth of services will satisfy even the most demanding financial professional. Our expertise in private placements and our ability to offer unique opportunities truly sets us apart from our peers. Ausdal’s open architecture investment advisory service and willingness to embrace the outside advisor positions allows us to support all manner of advisory practice and our insurance services division offers services to support even the most experienced planner.

Today I consider myself fortunate to share Ausdal with a leadership team who’s abilities and accomplishments and reputations are truly remarkable. It is this breadth of experience and expertise that excites me most about our shared future. I truly believe that at Ausdal Financial Partners, the whole truly exceeds the sum of our parts. Furthermore, our shared ownership and depth of talent ensures that Ausdal Financial Partners will remain viable and truly independent for years to come.

You have my word, Ausdal will be home.


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