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Why do experienced financial professionals join AFP? And more importantly, recommend us to their friends? We believe that it is "the Ausdal experience", a combination of large firm capabilities, small firm culture and Midwestern work ethic. AFP is a place where relationships still matter and decision makers are readily accessible and accountable for their actions.


We understand that the financial professional is our customer and our first priority is to support your practice and help you serve your clients. We can only succeed after you do.



Established financial professionals often find that the partnership, support, and freedom they enjoy with AFP contributes more to their success than being with a much larger institution. Sometimes having real impact and a partner who's objectives are aligned with yours is much more valuable than the trappings of a "big name" company.



We realize that above all else, we are a service firm. Our goal is to make your experience as efficient and straightforward as possible. You should never have difficulty troubleshooting or  connecting with a decision maker. When you reach out, you should feel confident that we know you, understand your practice,  and genuinely care.


Today, operating your practice within regulatory guidelines is more important and challenging than ever. The AFP compliance team will partner with you to offer practical solutions to help you grow while avoiding costly missteps that can jeopardize your practice. Our goal is to protect your business, not hinder it.


A successful transition begins with thorough planning and preparation and ends with attention to detail and consistent follow-up. Our dedicated transition team will work closely with you to develop a transition strategy customized for your business model. Then, from start to finish, we will be with you every step of the way. 



A fair deal means you know you are getting top compensation without any bickering over petty details. You can count on payouts that are appropriate for your practice and as generous as you will find anywhere. No retro-active payouts or rolling pay scales. And should your production sag a bit, you needn’t fear an adjustment when you can afford it the least. Instead, we simply check periodically to confirm that your compensation is still reflective of your practice.


When it comes to expenses, they should be transparent and limited to items that are necessary for all of us. Whenever possible, services are offered as options, not obligations. You decide what works for you and participate accordingly.
We wont “nickel and dime you to death".

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